Tick Tock: ILRP Level 1: Bad Rat! - Age: (5+ years) Ampliar

Tick Tock: ILRP Level 1: Bad Rat! - Age: (5+ years)


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Bad Rat takes Pig's bun and hides it. Bad Rat! is one of a fantastic new fiction reading series for children aged 5+ that combines structured phonic progression with great artwork and fun stories. Devised with the help of an expert consultant, it is sure to enable children to achieve reading success. Specially created for use by both parents and teachers, I Love Reading Phonics is a dedicated, comprehensive reading scheme based on Synthetic Phonics and arranged in 7 progressive levels, giving plenty of practice in all the sounds of the English language. Each book includes clear information on Synthetic Phonics, a pronunciation grid and expert advice on how to get the most out of each title. Level 1 titles explore the 26 alphabet sounds and the sounds ff, ll, ss, zz and ck